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  • Grey and Yellow Monkey handrattle

    Baby crochet hand rattle - Perfect size for little fingers. These fabulous hand rattles will provide baby with hours of entertainment. Soft-to-hold but fun-to-rattle. Will make a great first born present. ABOUT ME Handmade - a gift of that is unique and full of personality. There will be sli..
  • JellyCat Bashful Bluebell Bunny

    Bashful Bluebell Bunny is no hot cross bun - she’s more of a blueberry cutie-pie! Snuggly and warm, with soft, soft ears, this tumbly bunny loves to roll in the meadow. Take a picnic hamper with plenty of veggies and set off on a higgledy-piggledy adventure! Tested to and passes the Europea..
  • JellyCat Bashful Hyacinth Bunny

    Bashful Hyacinth Bunny is very attentive - she tilts her head to hear all the best tales and readies her yummy-soft purply ears. A delightful lassie in flower-bright fur, she wants to go everywhere, paw in paw. And when she’s tired, she’ll sit up sweetly, ready for another bedtime story...
  • JellyCat Bashful Mint Bunny

    Bashful Mint Bunny is friends with Bashful Sherbet Bunny, but this scrummy customer is much, much shyer. His cool green fur is deliciously soft, and goes well with that neat pink nose! With long squidgy ears and soft, squeezy paws, this rabbit is a preppy mint sweetheart. Tested to and passes the..
  • JellyCat Bashful Strawberry Bunny

    Bashful Strawberry Bunny is so full of sunshine! This fruity-pink bunny is the sports day hopping champion, and a roly-poly pal for you to tumble about with. She doesn't even make a sound when her soft feet touch the ground! Tested to and passes the European Safety Standard for toys: EN71 par..
  • JellyCat Bashful Unicorn Medium

    Sugar-sweet in pink and white, Bashful Unicorn is such a delight. Full of magic and moonlight, she loves the forest, so be sure to take her on any picnic. So very cuddly, with squish-squashy hooves, even her horn is shimmery-soft. Sprinkle bedtime with stardust and let imaginations gallop! Tested..
  • JellyCat Chime Chums Elly

    Tufty, trunky and ready to rumble, Chime Chums Elly is one noisy lady! Bonny in blue, with cloudy white feet, she's soft and sweet with a very tickly tail. But when she does her roly-polies, the real fun begins! Our elly has a musical belly, with a gentle chime for chipper playtimes! Tested t..
  • JellyCat Chime Chums Elly Soother

    Here to trumpet Baby's cares away, it's Chime Chums Elly Soother. This elly take very good care of her blankie, and wants to share it with a chum of her own. Baby can play with the ribbons and softness and even chomp on a corner or two. Pillow, comforter, toy or pal - this soother is great f..
  • JellyCat Farm Tails Book

    Furry dog tails, tasselly cow tails, feathers, fluff and curly pig tails! All of the farmyard friends are in the Farm Tails Book, ready to show off their colours and shapes. Tots will love learning which tail goes with which bottom in this soft, squishy book full of mix-ups and muddles! Tested to..
  • JellyCat Jungly Tails Book

    What a lot of funny friends, all packed into the Jungly Tails Book! Get to know jungle animals by their tails; who is all feathery? who’s got bright spots? And who is the owner of those gorgeous green scales? This soft book is perfect for toddlers, and has a carry-loop for car trips to deepest..
  • JellyCat Lollie Lamb

    The perfect present for a country baby? It’s got to be the Lollie Lamb Soft Toy. This scrumptious friend is gossamer-soft, and ready for snuggles with your new arrival! Baby can explore new textures and colours – that butter cream coat and praline face might give them a sweet tooth! T..
  • JellyCat Lollie Lamb Soother

    A beautiful blankie, just right for wee hands, and a new little pal to boot! The Lollie Lamb Soother is just the thing for soothing restless sleepers. This innocent lamb is also very will always be there for her cot-time friend. When it comes to caring, she’s woolly, woolly good! Tested to ..
  • JellyCat Ottie The Elephant

    Ottie Elephant is full of sparkles, for merry, magical nuzzles. Rosy and nosy, she's chunky and squishy, with cute foldy ears and stompalong feet. A little elly with big ideas, she loves to listen to stories. Tested to and passes the European Safety Standard for toys: EN71 parts 1, 2 & 3,..
  • JellyCat Pet Tails Book

    Does a fish have a fluffy white bobtail? Does a parrot have a long furry tail? Dip into our Pet Tails Book to find out the answers! The soft book includes crinkle sounds in each page, so while the guessing’s going on, you can listen to animal clues! Comes with a red fabric carrying loop, so to..
  • Kidsagogo Elephant Toy (Lotus Rose)

    Kidsagogo's elephant toy is sculpted in such a subtle and surreal way, and along with rose-coloured lotus patterns, it's the must-have toy for quirky, creative and imaginative kids! Designed in Australia, Made in Indonesia ..
  • La De Dah Kids Amanda Panda

    Amanda Panda is the friend always there to hug and play. Brand new to the La de dah family, we know your family will love this cuddly bear too. Styling the very on-trend monochrome, with rosy pink cheeks, Amanda Panda is a gorgeous addition to your child's heart and bedroom. ABOUT ME Han..
  • La De Dah Kids Bandit Bunny

    Careful of this bandit, he will steal your heart away. Don’t let the cape fool you. “S” stands for Super – Cute and Super – Sneaky! Bandit is happy to be the one that tags along with your little one, always giving a boost of confidence. ABOUT ME Handmade - a gif..
  • La De Dah Kids Beatrix Bunny

    Shhh! Beatrix is sleeping. This precious little one is the perfect bedtime friend. Dreaming of sunshine and daisy chains, Beatrix is always first to sleep. The perfect ploy for Mum to say, “Quick, catch up to Beatrix, she’s already asleep!” ABOUT ME  Handmade - a gift of th..
  • La De Dah Kids Billie Chook

    Billie is a top Chook in the hen house. Nothing gets by her. For the bubba that has to know everything, Billie is the one you want by their side. ABOUT ME Hand made - a gift of that is unique and full of personality. Their will be slight variances from softie to softie. Large Softie outer..
  • La De Dah Kids Billy Bunny

    When he's not with his sister Bonnie, Billy likes to jump in puddles & get dirty. He is the perfect companion for the little one that will! not! stay! clean! ABOUT ME  Handmade - a gift of that is unique and full of personality. There will be slight variances from softie to softie. L..
  • La De Dah Kids Caleb Camel

    Sporting a colourful saddle in the colours of his Moroccan heritage, our goateed camel friend is a faithful and loyal companion. Hand made in 100% cotton, Caleb gives the warmest cuddles around.  ABOUT ME Hand made - a gift of that is unique and full of personality. Their will be slight..